Jun 22, 2023
Summer brings organic production levels up
Organic Produce Network

More organic fruit and vegetable production is coming online in the Eastern U.S. with the start of summer, according to the Organic Produce Network’s Organic Market Update for week 25 of 2023.


strawberriesOrganic blueberries production remains steady with the start New Jersey harvesting. California supplies are increasing as well, with promotional opportunities available. Organic strawberry prices remain steady out of California, as supplies continue strong, and quality has been excellent. Organic blackberry prices are steady, with supplies on the shorter side. New Jersey fruit will start this week. Organic raspberries supplies are steady out of California with excellent quality.

Greens & Lettuces

Organic greens and lettuces from Pennsylvania and New Jersey continue to thrive, with promotional opportunities on various items available through the month. As July approaches, expect supplies to shift north to New York and Vermont. Also on the horizon is the Quebec season which provides ample supply of organic kales and lettuces until late September or October. Organic Romaine hearts and Iceberg lettuce have ended out of Pennsylvania and New Jersey, California supplies remain plentiful with both availability and prices expected to remain consistent into early July.

Stone fruit

Organic cherries are transitioning from California to Washington, and there will be overlapping volumes. A great size crop with big fruit is expected with promotional opportunities on bulk and clamshell organic dark sweet and Rainier cherries. Organic white and yellow nectarines and peaches are in excellent supply, and now is a great time to promote, as late June through July will be peak production. South Carolina organic peaches are available, but sporadic supplies are expected. Organic red and black plums are in season, and supplies are firm. Organic pluots will be extremely limited on sporadic supplies. Organic apricots are in steady supply and are expected to remain that way until the first week of July when production transitions to Washington, which is expecting a good crop.


Organic cantaloupes and honeydews are in good supply as Southern California production is coming on strong. Nine-count organic Galias are available from California, with organic mini seedless watermelon supplies expected to tighten with the Mexico season finished for many growers. There is light availability from California and a small North Carolina deal expected to start by late June. Organic seedless watermelons are available from Mexico and California.

Broccoli & Cauliflower

Organic broccoli remains available, but volume has decreased and costs have risen in California. Organic broccoli supplies from Pennsylvania and Virginia are helping keep costs down as a supplementary option. Organic broccoli crowns are available, but the volume is limited and costly. Organic cauliflower from California continues to have strong availability, and as volumes increase expect promotional opportunities in late June.


Organic green peppers are in steady supply from various growing regions. Both Georgia and Coachella, California, continue their season with excellent quality. Bakersfield, California, will begin in mid-June and bring more availability to the market. Mexican suppliers continue to produce outstanding quality. Organic red, orange, and yellow bell peppers from Canada remain steady in supply. Cold days with less sun than expected have slowed production, while quality remains strong. Organic mini sweet peppers remain very limited. However, Pennsylvania production will begin in mid-July to provide consistent availability.

The Organic Produce Network’s Organic Market Update is presented by Four Seasons Produce Inc.

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