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Monday, August 23

  Trade group to introduce seal for certified humic ag products

The Humic Products Trade Association, or HPTA, will hold its annual meeting Nov. 15-17, 2021, in Gilbert, Arizona.

  Shenandoah Growers honored with AgTech BreakThrough Award

Shenandoah Growers Inc. recently received an award, ‘Sunless Production System of the Year,’ in the 2021 AgTech Breakthrough Awards.


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  Minnesota field day will focus on growing regionally-adapted seed

The Organic Seed Alliance will co-host a field day  3-6 p.m. Sept. 1 at Riverbend Farm in Delano, Minnesota.

  How Extension research led to Kelsey Creek Orchards going organic

David Mostin never intended to be a walnut grower. His early experiences in walnuts – a small five acres that his grandfather had – weren’t his favorite, as he would often have to pick walnuts in the fall after school and in the mud. Even then, the walnuts were a far second to the pears that both his grandfather and father grew during a time when California had a booming pear market.



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