Regional food business centers created by USDA to help growers

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has created 12 new regional food business centers as part of a $400 million initiative to help farmers, ranchers an... more »

Report: Growers spend $500,000 a year on automation

Growers now spend an average of $500,000 a year on automation, according to a Specialty Crop Automation Report released and commissioned by Western Gr... more »

California Department of Food and Agriculture provides flood resources

March’s heavy rain and flooding has caused challenges for California growers. In response, a state agency has consolidated a list of resources. I... more »

Hydrogen-fueled autonomous tractor designed to reduce emissions

A French company has unveiled a hydrogen-fueled autonomous tractor designed to reduce emissions in vineyard work. EXXACT Robotics showcased the TR... more »

Beverage company launches sustainability impact tracker

Tractor Beverage Co. has launched a sustainability impact tracker developed to quantify the benefit of sourcing organic ingredients versus their conve... more »

Verdant Robotics to use $46.5 million investment to scale technology

Verdant Robotics will use $46.5 million in venture capital funding to scale its advanced robotic technology. The company’s autonomous platform featu... more »

Monarch’s fully electric smart tractor hits the market

The first fully electric, driver-optional smart tractor has rolled off the production line. Monarch Tractor’s MK-V tractor, which the company says i... more »

Organic growers weigh in on agricultural robots

A pair of Michigan State University (MSU) associates interviewed growers primarily from Michigan (along with one from Ohio and another from Maryland) ... more »

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