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Monday, August 30

  1,174 acres of almonds purchased with plan to go organic

Gold Leaf Farming recently announced the purchase of a new 1,173-acre almond orchard located within James Irrigation District in California’s Fresno County that the company intends to transition to organic.

  Miami’s Lakewood Organics acquired by Peterson Farms of Michigan

Shelby, Michigan produce processor Peterson Farms says it will retain decision-making authority following investment by an Abu Dahbi-based fund, and Peterson’s acquisition of a Miami juice company, Lakewood Organics.


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  Wholesum’s Joanna Jaramillo to lead expanded marketing program

Joanna Jaramillo will lead an effort to expand marketing efforts for Wholesum-brand organic vegetables, according to a news release from the company.

  Strohauer Farms’ organic, specialty potatoes expand reach

When the other kids were riding tricycles, Harry Dean Strohauer already had his sights set on driving tractors. If he saw a chance to cut school in favor of cleaning a ditch, young Harry would have gladly taken the latter.

  Panetta supports Agricultural Resilience Act after staffers tour USDA ARS site

Organic Farming Research Foundation, or OFRF, hosted U.S. House of Representatives congressional staffers at the USDA Agricultural Research Service (ARS) in Salinas, California in mid-August.

  How organic vegetable farming techniques affect soil health

Soil and crop management decisions, including crop rotation, residue management, and intensity and frequency of tillage, affect soil health and soil nutrient dynamics.



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