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Salmonella and dry onion bulbs

Monday, October 31

  Decco’s organic option for apple storage

Decco, a leader in postharvest technologies, is now offering the only registered organic fungicide for apple storage.

  Salmonella and dry onion bulbs

A recent Center for Produce Safety report states that, although several studies have examined Salmonella persistence on various produce items, little information is available about how the pathogen behaves on dry bulb onions.

  UC Davis receives $50M pledge for sustainability research

The University of California, Davis, has received a $50 million pledge to support the school’s commitment to address pressing challenges in agriculture and environmental sustainability.

  USDA establishing cooperative agreements in six US regions for Organic Transition Initiative

Organizations participating in the Transition to Organic Partnership Program (TOPP) will work together to establish and administer a farmer-to-farmer mentorship program providing direct farmer training, education and outreach activities.


What's a Pre-Digested Organic Fertilizer?

Traditional organic fertilizers are simply blends of organic nutrients. When applied to soil, the plants rely on soil microbes to break down those nutrients to a simple form that the plants can eventually absorb. This digestion process usually takes weeks or months to take place in soil, which can make growing organically quite a challenge. AgroThrive is the only organic fertilizer on the market that had already gone through this digestion process before going into the soil, which is why users can see results in less than a week!


  OPA relays comments in National Organic Standards Board meeting

Lori Castillo, VP of Global Marketing at NatureSweet, supported the petition received requesting the addition of synthetic carbon dioxide (C02) for use in organic crop production.

  Keynote speaker named for Mid-Atlantic Fruit & Vegetable Convention

At the 2023 Mid-Atlantic Fruit and Vegetable Convention, a grower entrepreneur will be the keynote speaker. The show has also released information on its grower-oriented educational sessions.



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