Genome discovery could save near-extinct native pollinator

Scientists posses a new tool to help save the Rusty patched bumble bee, a native pollinator, from extinction. A detailed, high-resolution map of th... more »

Syngenta: Celebrating the essential role of pollinators

Throughout the summer, many of us love to snack on fresh blueberries and cherries or munch on almonds and juicy tomatoes. These refreshing foods are r... more »

Midwest students to cultivate native plants through pollinator grants

Twenty-one Midwest schools will receive pollinator habitat grants from a Wisconsin-based nonprofit land conservation organization. Sand County Foun... more »

Pollinator grants offered to some Midwestern high schools

Sand County Foundation is now accepting applications from high school teachers for pollinator habitat grants. This competitive grant program gives ... more »

Winter honeybee resistance to imidacloprid

Winter honeybees, compared to newly emerged summer bees, have a better ability to withstand the harmful effects of a widely-used insecticide in pest m... more »

UC apiculturist Eric Mussen mourned

Celebrated honey bee authority Eric Carnes Mussen, an internationally known 38-year California Cooperative Extension apiculturist and an invaluable me... more »

Pollination by bees on farm is impacted by what they find elsewhere

Bees forage far from the crops in the field, and new research from Purdue University confirms how dominant this broad range of foraging is in bees’ ... more »

Midwest high schools receive pollinator habitat grants

Imperiled insect pollinators and monarch butterflies will get some help from high school students this year. Sand County Foundation is awarding pol... more »

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