Jun 3, 2021
Taylor Farms is Whole Foods’ ‘Supplier of the Year’ for service, partnership

Whole Foods Market recently recognized Taylor Farms as a winner of the grocer’s ninth-annual Supplier Awards.

The Salinas-based supplier of conventional and organic salads and vegetables took home the honor of Supplier of the Year for Service and Partnership. The Whole Foods Market Supplier Awards distinguish 42 companies that raised the bar in 2020, including local, regional and national brands across all product categories.

“We are honored to be recognized for this award and grateful to work with Whole Foods Market,” Bruce Taylor, chairman and CEO of Taylor Farms said in a news release. “We look forward to continuing to provide American families with fresh and healthy foods.

“There are so many individuals involved in getting delicious and nourishing foods from the fields to the dinner table – from the farmworkers, operations teams, store employees, and everyone in between – and we are very appreciative for the integral team at Whole Foods Market. We look forward to our continued relationship to bring healthy foods to kitchens across America.”

“Taylor Farms has been an exemplary supplier and Whole Foods Market is proud to recognize them with a Supplier Award for Service and Partnership,” said Eric Cusimano, Principal Buyer at Whole Foods Market. “Their communication, product availability and product development have raised the bar in 2020.”

Additional organic companies were honored by Whole Foods. Supplier of the Year is awarded to Whole Foods Market suppliers who rise to the top in overall excellence. Among the regional winners were NAPI (Navajo Agricultural Products Industry)/Navajo Pride Organics (Rocky Mountain), Island Spring Organics (Pacific Northwest) and IWON Organics (Southern Pacific).

Alexandre Family Farms, an organic dairy, was named a global winner of Whole Foods’ Regenerative Agriculture Commitment for its “holistic farming and grazing management practices that improve soil, enhance biodiversity and increase carbon capture.”

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