May 26, 2023
Organic melons in good supply heading into Memorial Day

Organic melon supply is in good shape going into Memorial Day weekend.

Cantaloupes and honeydew are in good supply out of Mexico, while seedless watermelons should be available soon, according to Organic Trade Association’s Week 21 report. Quality is expected to be excellent on the new fruit.

However, supply of mini seedless watermelon is tight, and the product will not have any volume out of Mexico ahead of the holiday weekend because of harsh weather and disease affecting crops.

Stone fruit

Organic apricots are now in season with steady supply from California, though prices are high to start. Production of organic cherries out of the state is expected to ramp up the last week of May, though promotional opportunities and lower prices won’t be seen until after Memorial Day. The first organic white and yellow peaches and nectarines will be available by the end of the month, with excellent supply anticipated. The organic pluot crop is down this season, with higher prices expected.


Organic fava beans have steady availability and excellent quality out of California, while organic green beans are still experiencing limited availability with elevated pricing.


Organic red, orange and yellow bell peppers from Canada are in steady supply, though decreasing yields will lower availability while raising prices in late May.  Organic green bell pepper production is beginning in Georgia. Good quality is expected thought prices will be high through early June as volume builds.


Production of organic grapes will begin in late May out of Mexico, with organic green grapes leading the way. Organic red grapes are facing availability issues, with prices high to start.


Organic asparagus fields in Mexico have transitioned, with new fields showing promising quality. New supply and outstanding quality are available from California, New Jersey and Washington.


Organic mandarin promotions continue out of California, where good supply is expected until mid-June. Organic lime production out of Mexico is hitting its peak with falling prices, while organic grapefruit production from the country is winding down. California organic grapefruit is experiencing limited availability and high prices.


Organic strawberries out of California and Baja, Mexico, remain promotable, with excellent overall quality and plentiful supply. Organic blackberries out of Mexico are promotable, with good supply and excellent quality. Domestic production is expected to begin in early June. Organic blueberry pricing and availability remain steady with excellent quality out of Georgia and California. The organic raspberry market remains tight as some production winds down in central Mexico.


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