Sep 5, 2019
JV Smith Companies’ Morales now executive director of sustainable operations
Gary Pullano

Israel Morales is now the executive director of Sustainable Operations for Yuma, Arizona-based JV Smith Companies. Previously the general manager of JV Farms Organic, Morales brings with him 45 plus years in farming with over 30 years in organic farming.

He will be overseeing all of the sustainability practices under JV Smith Companies as they continue to develop and enhance these operations at every level within all of their companies. In addition, he will take a vital role on the national stage as he shares his experiences to assist with research programs for the betterment of the industry.

Israel Morales in a celery field. Photo: JV Smith Companies

“I believe that sharing what I’ve learned with the industry, with schools, with future generations is not only my honor, but my responsibility,” shared Morales. “The future generations need to be well informed about initiatives for food safety, crop rotation and production and responsible sustainability.”

The ongoing sustainable operations in the organic fields are a vital part of the priorities at JV Smith Companies. As stewards of the land, water and air, the team recognizes and appreciates that the ground and the environment that makes growing fresh, quality produce possible. “Our team is dedicated to creating a natural growing environment with the least amount of impact to the earth,” added owner and CEO Vic Smith. “Israel stands out in this industry as a natural leader in sustainability with his unparalleled passion for growing in harmony with the environment. We couldn’t be prouder to share his vision and his experience to the industry as we all move forward collectively to make this a better place for future generations.”

Morales was recently named the Organic Farmer of the Year award, a testament to his passionate growing practices.  “He truly is the heart of JV Farms Organic. He has a knack for working with the environment to create healthy, pure and successful growing fields. A walk in the field with Israel and you will learn that he has taken the time to understand the insects, the soil, the varieties, and all the factors that are involved with growing. His understanding has led to him adapting his growing techniques to fit within the environment rather than trying to change the environment.” 

JV Smith Companies includes JV Farms, Promotora Agricola El Toro, Southern Colorado Farms, Skyline Potato, JV Farms Organic, Skyview Cooling, Triangle Farms and Fresh Innovations.

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