Jun 8, 2023
GrubMarket supports organic initiative with CCOF partnership

GrubMarket has formed a multi-year partnership with California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF), a nonprofit organization that advances organic agriculture through organic certification, education, advocacy, and promotion.

This partnership, part of GrubMarket’s Sustainable California initiative, aims to support socially disadvantaged farmers in California by sponsoring cohorts of farmers from underserved communities to obtain organic certification, empowering them to adopt more organic farming practices and move towards long-term sustainability.

grubmarket_logoBy providing farmers with financial and technical assistance, GrubMarket is leveling the playing field for farmers who may not have the economic means to pursue organic certification on their own. In addition to promoting equity amongst the farming community, GrubMarket’s support for organic transition will also help farmers increase their revenue, improve product quality and improve environmental stewardship.

“We recognize the numerous challenges that socially disadvantaged farmers face when trying to access critical resources,” Mike Xu, CEO of GrubMarket, said in a news release. “Right now, organic agriculture represents less than 5% of cropland in California and even less nationally. This needs to change.”

GrubMarket is committed to building a sustainable and equitable food ecosystem, he said.

“Organic is truly the future of food and farming in California, so we will do everything we can to encourage marginalized farmers to adopt organic farming practices, which will also provide greater access to healthier and fresher food for all,” Xu said in the release.

CCOF is a national leader in the organic certification space, having served the organic community for more than 40 years. CCOF will work closely with GrubMarket to identify eligible socially disadvantaged farmers, provide mentorship and technical guidance throughout the organic certification process, ensure compliance with organic standards and provide financial support as the farmers transition land to organic production.

Less than 1% of U.S. farmland is organic, and farmers who want to transition their land face a challenging process, said Jessy Beckett Parr, chief programs officer at CCOF.

“By collaborating with GrubMarket, we can eliminate the financial barrier for farmers who want to make the leap to organic production, which opens doors to premium markets and provides a pathway to financial stability,” she said in the release. “With GrubMarket’s support, we are making organic certification more accessible and inclusive.”

As GrubMarket continues scaling its business and advancing its technologies, it will continue to reinforce its commitment to ensuring a more sustainable future for California’s agricultural ecosystem.

GrubMarket’s efforts to sponsor organic certification for socially disadvantaged farmers represent a significant step towards creating long-lasting positive change within the agricultural community, while also providing consumers with greater access to high-quality, sustainably grown organic produce.

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