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Monday, December 7

  Grimmway source says new owner a ‘responsible steward’

Large scale organic vegetable grower Grimmway has a new owner, and a source in the company has good things to say about the change.

  CMI Orchards growing organic sales; planning for more in 2021

Wenatchee, Washington-based CMI Orchards reports its organic apple production is more than a quarter higher than the previous season.

  Biobest purchases California’s Beneficial Insectary Inc.

Beneficial Insectary Inc., a North America independent producer of beneficial insects and mites, and Biobest Group NV, a  biocontrol and pollination today jointly announced that Biobest Group NV – through its subsidiary Biobest USA Inc. – has acquired all shares in Beneficial Insectary from the company’s owner Sinthya Penn.

  The best-laid crop rotation plans oft go awry. Here’s how to circle back when they do

Crop rotations quickly become complicated – that’s what Charles Mohler found when he and Sue Ellen Johnson wrote the book on that difficult subject.

  Researcher studies enhanced nutrition of organic potatoes while building healthy soils

Weed management, soil health and the nutritional quality of foods grown organically continue to be high priority research topics for organic producers.

  Dirt doctor Kate Tully says organic farming has a value for soil building

Kate Tully is an associate professor of agroecology in the Department of Plant Science and Landscape Architecture at the University of Maryland.



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