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Monday, December 14

  Tom Vilsack, the once and future US secretary of ag

Tom Vilsack is Joe Biden’s pick to head the USDA when the Biden administration takes office in January 2021.

  Organic produce leaders’ roundtable touches on industry challenges, bright spots

Leaders from three of the largest and most respected organic fresh produce companies agree that the outlook for the organic industry is positive heading into the new year, as they explored a wide range of issues during the Organic Grower Summit Roundtable discussion that premiered today.

  California issues ‘stop use notice,’ quarantine on organic fertilizer product

The California Department of Food and Agriculture on Dec. 4 announced that a “stop use notice” and statewide quarantine have been issued for a specific organic fertilizer product.

  Thinking like an island: grower column

Every spring for the last 43 years I have followed the same routine.

  Multiyear rotation in high tunnels curbs soil pathogens

Tomatoes are the high revenue crop in high tunnels but growing tomatoes after tomatoes can build up soil pathogens and affect soil fertility. Carefully planned crop rotations can minimize these issues and provide long term benefits.

  Growers teach growers through Organic Farmers Association

Organic Farmers Association recently launched a National Clearinghouse for Organic Farmer Education that highlights online education available to organic farmers across the country and beyond.



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