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Monday, September 6

  Crop insurance popularity grows for organic, specialty crop growers

The number of agricultural producers who purchase crop insurance for their specialty and organic crops continues to climb, which the USDA attributes to its work with producers and agricultural groups in recent years to create new crop insurance options, to expand and improve current options and to support local food efforts.

  Study finds ‘optimism bias’ of moms on new organic farms

When it comes to agricultural safety and health, we humans can be too optimistic. Take, for example, women who are new to organic farming. A recently published study indicates that these farm moms may have an optimism bias about how safe their farms are for children.

  Organic ag tech conference planned by the Organic Center, USDA, Cal State

The Organic Center will team up with the USDA’s Economic Research Service, California State University-Fresno and Purdue University on a free virtual conference series and hackathon examining technology to address complex issues for organic agriculture.

  For labor reform, it’s all about focus as the homestretch beckons

It is always important to bring focus to achieving a penultimate goal.

  A&A Organic Farms showcasing sustainable packaging

A&A Organic Farms in Watsonville, California will launch its second-generation compostable, recyclable packaging for cherry tomatoes at the Organic Produce Summit’s trade show September 16, 2021, in Monterey, California.

  Driving packaging sustainability in the time of COVID-19

The coronavirus may still be consumers’ top concern, but the pandemic hasn’t erased concern over environmental issues and demand for sustainability.



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