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Monday, May 16

  Rodale starts study on replacing plastic mulch with cover crops

The Rodale Institute California Organic Center recently started a new research project: Replacing Plastic Mulch with Cover Crops in Organic Vegetable Production Systems for Economic Benefit, Soil Health and Environmental Stewardship.

  The FruitGuys Community Fund awards sustainability farm grants

Women farmers dominate the winners of annual farm grant awards from The FruitGuys Community Fun for environmental sustainability projects.


Prevent and Treat Powdery and Downy Mildew

Identifying diseases in your crops is vital to protecting them as they grow to prevent loss and increase yield. Although the onset of disease is almost inevitable, the earlier growers can work on control, the better the outcome will be for healthy crops. How do you spot the signs and symptoms of powdery and downy mildew? Start with the basics of the diseases, think about the ideal conditions that cause the diseases, and determine the best methods for prevention and treatment.


  OPS keynote presents ‘Future of Grocery Retailing’

To discuss the future of grocery retail and its impact on fresh produce, a pair of leaders from one of the nation’s most progressive grocery chains and the former co-CEO of the organization have been confirmed as panelists for a keynote presentation at Organic Produce Summit 2022, this July in Monterey, California.

  Organic producers lead nation in soil health practices

According to the 2022 National Organic Research Agenda (NORA), organic producers lead the nation in adoption of soil health and environmental stewardship practices. Such practices include cover cropping, crop rotations, and perennial conservation plantings.


Real-time data to drive daily decisions

You control what you can. But once you’re planted, the wild card of microclimate requires accurate, real-time, hyper-local weather and environmental data. Now, daily decisions will drive your success. Learn more in this special report from Davis Instruments.


  Strawberry growers globally could benefit from research into powdery mildew

Strawberry farmers worldwide may get help from new University of Florida research that shows a way to battle one of the fruit’s fiercest foes.

  Tips when finding swarm of bees on farm

Honey bee colonies reproduce by swarming, a process where about one-third to one-half of the workers in a colony leave in a swarm with the queen to set up a hive in a new location.


Drammatic® Liquid Fish Fertilizers

Drammatic® Liquid Fish Fertilizers are derived from fresh fish scraps from the Great Lakes. Drammatic® Liquid Fish hydrolysates contain the natural oils, amino acids, and minerals found in fish and are OMRI, WSDA, & CDFA listed for organic crop production.




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