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Monday, April 4

  New guide to USDA sustainable farming programs published

The National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition has published its brand new, fully updated Growing Opportunity: A Guide to USDA Sustainable Farming Programs.

  Braga Fresh to market regeneratively grown trial crop

Scheduled on Earth Day, April 22, for the first time Braga Fresh, home of Josie’s Organics, will harvest and market a trial crop of regeneratively grown fresh vegetables.

  Organic market update for week 13, 2022

The Organic Produce Network has released an organic market update on asparagus, broccoli and cauliflower, watermelon, lettuce, and more, for the week of March 27.

  Organic Trade Association honors inspiring leaders

On the second day of Organic Week 2022, the Organic Trade Association recognized six inspiring leaders from across the organic industry at a special awards dinner featuring organic dishes by Chef Eric Adjepong.

  Guide on virtual engagement for women now available

American Farmland Trust and Sustainable Agriculture Research & Education published information, tips and tools for effective engagement for online education in “Reaching Women in Agriculture: A Guide to Virtual Engagement.”

  Calculating benefit of nutrients in manure versus fertilizer

Given the high costs of “commercial” fertilizer components (N, P, K), many are looking at the range of nutrient credit from “unmanipulated animal or vegetable manure” sources.



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