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Monday, April 12

  How organic growers’ advice fueled Buckle Farm’s success

The wisdom of growers of other types of crops helped take a New England organic farming couple’s farming operation to new agronomic and financial heights. Jim Buckle and Hannah Hamilton’s rejuvenated organic operation overcame their farming challenges and helped them become better stewards of their land. The lessons they learned could help growers throughout all of agriculture.

  COO named for Shenandoah Growers, ‘nation’s largest’ organic indoor farm

Shenandoah Growers Inc. has hired Cameron Geiger as Chief Operating Officer as the company plans to begin a new growth phase.


3 Plant Available Fertilizers for Improving Uptake

Reduce salt and abiotic stress with these 3, immediately plant-available fertilizers from Ferticell, all approved for organic use and plant-derived. Build soil health while increasing nutrient use efficiency in a variety of crop types.


  USDA outlook bright for organic produce

The produce-driven organic food industry weathered the pandemic remarkably well, and investment in research of organic may be part of the solution for increased growth.

  EU backs 11-country effort for fertilizer from fishery waste

The European Union is backing a project to produce agricultural fertilizers from fisheries waste.


Bio-pesticide gives growers a more flexible approach to nematode control

Familiar to ”conventional” U.S. farmers for its often-novel crop nutrition products, OMEX® is becoming more widely known in organic circles for its growing stable of “developed for organic” products, such as the OMRI-certified bio-fertilizer Achieve™ 3-1-3 — a highly effective, plant-derived plant growth enhancer.


  USDA seeks 4 to serve on organic standards board

The USDA is seeking a few qualified individuals to serve on the National Organic Standards Board.

  Homegrown Organic Farms’ recipe for success

Transparency and the latest in technology fuel Homegrown Organic Farms’ work to be good stewards in growing and marketing thousands of acres of California organic fruit and vegetables.



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