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Monday, February 1

  10 organic certifiers recognized by USDA for data quality

Ten agencies who certify food and products as organic were honored Jan. 25 by the USDA National Organic Program.

  Rodale offers organic transition, beekeeping courses at ‘virtual campus’

Rodale Institute, a leader of regenerative organic agriculture, has launched the Rodale Virtual Campus, a new educational platform for farmers, researchers, and the public containing online courses focused on regenerative organic topics.


Balancing Amino Acids and Nitrogen

Jumpstart chlorophyll production and protein formationwith balanced applications of amino acids. Boost internal mechanisms tocombat damage and reinitiate recovery and growth following a stressevent. Amino acids in Nutri-Plus™ are a proven complexing agent ofnitrogen and micronutrients.


  Merge Marketplace, a ‘Craigslist for organic producers and buyers,’ goes live

Merge Marketplace, a new online platform designed to connect organic producers with buyers of organic products, recently went live.

  Organic certifications grow slightly to 45K farms and businesses

U.S.-recognized organic certifications didn’t decrease in the old year, even growing slightly.

  Washington State University to hold organic no-till symposium

Washington State University Extension and Oregon Tilth will hold a Zoom virtual symposium on no-till agriculture Feb. 24-25, 2021.

  Yakima, Washington’s Blueberry Hill pleased with trial of RipeLocker storage

Perishables storage company RipeLocker, said Jan. 13 its RipeLocker containers recently held freshly harvested organic blueberries in pristine condition for eight weeks.



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