Tractor technology on the move

December 12, 2022

  Organic Grower of the Year Huckaby has deep roots in agriculture

Farming is family for Jeff Huckaby. Huckaby, honored Dec. 1 as the 2022 Organic Grower of the Year at the Organic Grower Summit in Monterey, California, is a fourth-generation farmer.

  Monarch’s fully electric smart tractor hits the market

The first fully electric, driver-optional smart tractor has rolled off the production line. Monarch Tractor’s MK-V tractor, which the company says is the equivalent emission reduction of removing 14 passenger vehicles from the road, is now on the market.

  OTA to use record $1 million to promote US organic products globally

The Organic Trade Association has received a record $1 million-plus in federal funding to promote U.S. organic products worldwide in 2023.

  Certis Biologicals names new VP to focus on innovation efforts

Certis Biologicals has named a new vice president in an effort to sharpen its focus on innovation through partnerships, licensing and potential acquisitions.


Build Your Soil with AgroThrive LF

AgroThrive’s pre-digested organic fertilizers increase microbial activity in soil resulting in vigorous root growth, bigger foliage, improved disease resistance, and better yields.


  Bio-ag company STK introduces new hybrid fungicide

Bio-ag technology company STK has introduced a new botanical-based fungicide for pre- and post-harvest crop protection.

  Renaissance BioScience Corp. adds to senior executive team

Bioengineering technology company Renaissance BioScience Corp. has added a new member to its senior executive team to accelerate the commercialization of its RNA production and oral delivery platform technology.



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