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Monday, October 25

  Organic Trade Association seeking its next CEO

The Organic Trade Association recently launched a nationwide search for a new CEO and Executive Director. After more than a decade of service to OTA and the organic community, current CEO Laura Batcha plans to step down in spring 2022.

  Stopped olive oil import shows US organic standard enforcement

The USDA’s National Organic Program recently highlighted an example of its increased efforts to fight fraud.


Great Lakes EXPO returns in-person for 2021 show!

The Great Lakes Fruit, Vegetable & Farm Market EXPO and Michigan Greenhouse Growers Expo looks forward to welcoming exhibitors and attendees back to an in-person event in 2021. Set to take place from Dec. 7-9, the EXPO will be returning to the Amway Grand Plaza and DeVos Place in Grand Rapids — a staple for EXPO attendees for many years running.


  Colorado’s Spring Born hires top grower, marketer

Spring Born, a 2.5-acre organic greenhouse in Colorado, recently hired Danielle Davis as director of marketing and sales and Josh Budka as head grower.

  Washington sheep farmer tests effect of grazing on potato farmland

The concept of regenerative agriculture is popular these days. The Rodale Institute states that regenerative agriculture “prioritizes soil health while simultaneously encompassing high standards for animal welfare and worker fairness. The idea is to create farm systems that work in harmony with nature to improve quality of life for every creature involved.” 

  Organic foundation backs congressional ask for ag research funding

Organic Farming Research Foundation supports a recent letter delivered to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer that supports agricultural research in the Build Back Better Agenda.

  Why pros say the state of our organic produce industry is strong

Organic produce demand is hot. Boosted by COVID-19 related demand, the sales base for organics through new products and supply is growing as the category flourishes.



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