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Monday, October 12

  Florida organic growers aim for ‘happy frogs’

John Bitter and Amy Van Scoik, first-generation farmers in Hawthorne, Florida, practice organic, small-scale, sustainable growing practices and sell directly to their customers. John and Amy both attended the University of Florida College of Agricultural and Life Sciences, where they shared a dream of growing food and making it their livelihood.

  Fresh produce industry comments on proposed organic enforcement rule

Groups representing the fresh produce industry Oct. 5 formally commented on the USDA’s proposed rule to strengthen enforcement in the National Organic Program.


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  NOP offers free classes: Recordkeeping, certification, system plans

The USDA’s National Organic Program recently launched three new courses in the Organic Integrity Learning Center.

  Alternatives to soil fumigants explored for strawberry growers

Strawberries, which generated $2.2 billion for California growers mainly on the coast in 2019, are sensitive to soilborne diseases. Strawberry plant roots infected by fungi are unable to take in nutrients and water, causing the leaves and stems to wilt. The diseases reduce fruit yields and eventually kill infected plants.

  Organic ag can mitigate climate change, industry tells congress

Organic growing techniques could be part of the solution for slowing or reversing climate change – that’s what the industry told Congress recently.

  GROPRO biologicals for fruit growing listed by OMRI

The importance of organic production in the USA continues to rise with total sales of organic products in 2019 hitting $55 billion. Currently, it’s the biggest global market for organic products (the second is Germany and France is third).



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