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Monday, January 17

  U.S. organic program meets several ‘opportunities for improvement’

U.S. organics has made significant progress on self-improvement, according to documents from the program’s annual review.

  Biotalys names manufacturing partner for new biofungicide

Biotalys, an agricultural technology company with protein-based biocontrol solutions, and contract manufacturer Olon recently announced a long-term strategic partnership for the manufacturing of Biotalys’ biocontrol products.


Drammatic® Liquid Fish Fertilizers

Drammatic® Liquid Fish Fertilizers are derived from fresh fish scraps from the Great Lakes. Drammatic® Liquid Fish hydrolysates contain the natural oils, amino acids, and minerals found in fish and are OMRI, WSDA, & CDFA listed for organic crop production.


  CCOF now offering Regenerative Organic certification for farms

California Certified Organic Farmers, aka CCOF, announced January 10 that it is now offering the Regenerative Organic Certified program in partnership with the Regenerative Organic Alliance, or ROA.

  Saturated riparian buffer strips stop farm runoff of most nitrate, study says

A new study suggests we may have more opportunities to protect our waterways. That’s because one system for keeping too many nutrients out of streams could be used more widely than it is now.

  Duncan Family Farms of Arizona acquires Pedersen Farms in NY

Goodyear, Arizona-based Duncan Family Farms, a family-owned, multi-regional grower of certified organic and sustainably-grown produce recently announced the acquisition of Pedersen Farms, a family-owned farm and certified organic grower located in upstate New York.

  Perennial grains studied for potential in crop field borders

Planting beneficial plants next to gardens and crop fields large and small has been a standard practice for decades, even centuries. The plants provide what are known as ecosystem services. These include attracting pollinators and preventing weeds.



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