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Monday, October 5

  Study tackles sustainable ag mulch

Farmers often need to regulate soil temperature, reduce weeds and minimize water loss. Agricultural mulch can help farmers do so.

  Comments on stronger organic enforcement due midnight Oct. 5

The official comment period for a serious piece of rulemaking for the National Organic Program will close by midnight Monday.


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  Integrating biological controls for root-knot nematodes, weeds in organic farming

While weeds and plant parasites are a concern for all agricultural producers, organic producers are doubly challenged to combat these problems without chemical solutions. Through a grant from the USDA, a University of Georgia researcher is working to discover and integrate biological products and cover crops to control nematodes and weeds in organic vegetable production.

  Five named to National Organic Standards Board

The USDA Sept. 28 named five individuals appointed to serve on the National Organic Standards Board.


How does crustacean meal enhance crops?

Scientifically proven to improve crop yield and quality, crustacean meal nourishes the beneficial microbial community so plants can thrive.Combine OMRI listed CrabLife™ fertilizers and PreBiotech™ foliar supplement with your current crop protection applications and maximize crop potential with crustacean meal.


  Rodale Institute shows regenerative ag could draw down CO2 emissions

As extreme weather events, rising temperatures and global health crises continue to threaten our world, the repercussions of a changing climate are being felt more acutely than ever. As the global community looks for solutions, we must critically examine the way we grow our food, and the potential of the soil under our feet to remove carbon, a powerful greenhouse gas, from the atmosphere and lock it underground.

  New ag publication, National Nut Grower, launched

Great American Media Services, the award-winning publisher of leading business-to-business agriculture magazines Organic Grower, Fruit Growers News, Vegetable Growers News, Spudman and Produce Processing, is expanding its specialty agriculture group with the launch of National Nut Grower.



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