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Monday, December 27

  Biotalys, Biobest Biocontrol Solutions partner to expand reach of biocontrols

Biotalys, an Agricultural Technology company focused on addressing food protection challenges with protein-based biocontrol solutions, and Biobest, a global leader in biocontrol and pollination in covered crops reaching growers in over 65 countries, recently announced a long-term strategic partnership.

  Winc reports unprecedented growth in organic wines, driven by expanded distribution

Winc, Inc. recently announced the growth and expansion of its organic wines in major national retailers including Walmart, Whole Foods, Albertsons, HEB, Central Market, and HyVee, in response to unprecedented demand from consumers.


Fight Back Against Fungal Attacks with Romeo

Romeo, a biofungicide from Wilbur-Ellis, activates biochemical defenses and boosts the plants' disease response. It can be applied with other biocontrol or conventional curatives, building on the effect of multiple modes of activity. No MRLs and 0 day PHI.


  Canada invests $300K in organic prairie ag development

Canadian Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food, Marie-Claude Bibeau on December 21 rolled out $297,330 for the Prairie Organic Development Fund to help farmers adopt best practices in organic farming production.

  Killing time for cover crops? Late-planted rye won’t delay crimping.

Cereal rye as an overwinter cover crop poses a special challenge for organic vegetable growers. Unlike conventional growers who manage cereal rye in the spring with glyphosate, organic growers who no-till or strip-till must crimp the rye. Crimping must be done at anthesis when the rye enters the reproductive stage and its stems stiffen.

  New cover crop research informs plans for groundwater sustainability

Cover crop research conducted by a team of university researchers is now helping to inform and shape policy to implement the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA) in several San Joaquin Valley counties.

  Wholesum opens new organic tomato greenhouses in Sonora, Mexico

Wholesum, Fair Trade certified growers and shippers of organic fresh produce, cut the ribbon to their newest state-of-the-art organic tomato greenhouses in Sonora, Mexico.



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