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Monday, December 20

  New bioherbicide from Marrone Bio headed to growers by 2024

Marrone Bio Innovations Inc. recently announced it acquired exclusive rights to high-performing strains of the bacteria Streptomyces acidiscabies, allowing for the accelerated commercialization of a new, second-generation bioherbicide, that it’s calling MBI-006.

  Carbon farming college accredited, launched online by Indigo Ag

Carbon Farming fund Indigo Ag in mid-December rolled out a continuing education series designed to increase access to high-quality information and accelerate adoption of carbon farming practices.


Fight Back Against Fungal Attacks with Romeo

Romeo, a biofungicide from Wilbur-Ellis, activates biochemical defenses and boosts the plants' disease response. It can be applied with other biocontrol or conventional curatives, building on the effect of multiple modes of activity. No MRLs and 0 day PHI.


  Midwest high schools receive pollinator habitat grants

Imperiled insect pollinators and monarch butterflies will get some help from high school students this year.

  How a career in organic agriculture started with a single egg

It all started with an egg. Or, more specifically, pasture-raised eggs. The first time I cracked one, there was no way of knowing how deep of a rabbit hole that egg would lead me. In 2013, I was months away graduating from Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, with a degree in economics. With my future partner in grad school, I had assumed most of the at-home cooking responsibilities. 

  Fetzer Vineyards in Mendocino County gets Regenerative Organic Certification

Fetzer Vineyards, the largest winery in the U.S. certified as a B Corporation and a leader in regenerative winegrowing, announced December it has achieved Regenerative Organic Certification (ROC) for all of its Mendocino County vineyard holdings and winery.



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