Soil Health

Vermont Valley Farm finds a niche in supplying organic seed potatoes

Small, organic farms need organic seed potatoes, and a small, organic farm in Wisconsin has found its niche in supplying those farms. The Vermont Val... more »

Why organic growers respect the soil: Editor’s letter

Ask a good grower about their ground, and you’ll get a detailed response, and occasionally, a lengthy conversation. After three years of intervie... more »

Challenges of organic ag soils researched at Clemson

The organic industry is the fastest-growing agricultural segment in the United States, but low soil organic carbon, meager soil fertility and poor... more »

Alternatives to soil fumigants explored for strawberry growers

Strawberries, which generated $2.2 billion for California growers mainly on the coast in 2019, are sensitive to soilborne diseases. Strawberry plant r... more »

Study tackles sustainable ag mulch

Farmers often need to regulate soil temperature, reduce weeds and minimize water loss. Agricultural mulch can help farmers do so. But the plastic i... more »

Free organic farmer courses offered by Cal Poly, OFRF

Farmers who want to learn organic production practices for California specialty crops can now get training at their convenience on their own computers... more »

Research into efficacy of organic fertilizer for tomatoes funded

Organic tomato growers use cover crops and compost to build fertility; however, these practices don’t always provide sufficient soil nutrient availa... more »

Soil treatment specialist hired by BioSafe Systems

BioSafe Systems recently hired Ray Austin, a soil treatment specialist based in Florida. He comes with extensive experience as an agricultural cons... more »

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